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On the other hand, the model can also be used to promote personal growth. Just as our body can be misaligned from a structural perspective due to restrictions in certain areas and can be reintegrated into a more functional whole, our psyche can be more comfortable with certain directions and more restricted with others. In this case, people can be given directions that challenge them, so that they can explore this aspect of themselves they tend to shy away from and grow more comfortable with it, thus leading to a more balanced, integrated whole. Additionally, it teaches people to respect others and their challenges and encourages them to empower others instead of taking over. For instance, a natural North in the Southwest direction may think that the official North is not doing good enough of a job and may have the tendency to push the North aside to take leadership. This provides a good opportunity to point out that 1) the Southwest is so uncomfortable with his/her direction that he/she is willing to give it up, thus pointing out a personal weakness, 2) the North needs to be encouraged and empowered into a direction he/she is not yet comfortable with and it doesn’t help to push him/her aside, 3) the culture as a whole suffers because nobody is holding the Southwest anymore. Therefore, the model promotes trust in others, responsibility for one’s own attitudes and actions, teamwork, and harmony.