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Test 1[edit | edit source]

Task Tracker
Date Recorded Task Person(s) Status Target Completion Date Last Updated Notes More notes
6/05/2018 Post poll for future meeting times on Loomio Brent Done 7/05/2018 6/05/2018
6/05/2018 Respond to future meeting times poll on Loomio All Weave Members 12/05/2018 6/05/2018
6/05/2018 Provide input to decision-making system All Weave Members 9/05/2018 6/05/2018 Proposal for Decision-Making System
6/05/2018 "Review and update Task Tracker, decide what to report to group during next meeting." All Weave Members Planned 12/05/2018 6/05/2018 RECURRING: Before each meeting
6/05/2018 Experiment with buddypress interaction on dev site All Weave Members 12/05/2018 6/05/2018
6/05/2018 "Move resolved tasks to ""Resolved Tasks"" tab" Planned 13/05/2018 6/05/2018 RECURRING: After each time we review tracker
29/04/2018 Share and review frame-work re: systems with Julie (and for all) re: weave systems Uma Planned 29/04/2018
29/04/2018 "Recognized Roles Weave Set-up Guide (get link, Uma)" Uma Planned 29/04/2018
29/04/2018 Share and review initial NVC-O agreement template re: conflict transformation Uma Planned 29/04/2018 "I'm planning on editing these so manybe premature to share"
29/04/2018 Add Links to NVC-O Operational Agreements and Systems () Bob Planned 29/04/2018
29/04/2018 [from last week] Connect with Julie re: various roles; send wiki translation video Uma Planned 29/04/2018
29/04/2018 Summarize scope to add to Weave agreements (Bob) Bob Planned 29/04/2018
30/04/2018 - Set up some basic static pages "Julie Uma" Planned
30/04/2018 - Work out how to translate them using MediaWiki Julie Planned
6/05/2018 "Make it fun! - Add colours, pictures etc" Julie Planned
30/04/2018 "- Figure out forms for joining community , as contributer , etc" Julie Planned
29/04/2018 "Start sending content, and content types list (find email to Judi P) to Julie and Bob" Uma Planned 29/04/2018
29/04/2018 "Send message to everyone, and also on Loomio about next mtg (weekly and 1 hr earlier than before 7 AM CET)" Elkie Planned 29/04/2018
29/04/2018 Create live site vs. dev site for next week "Julie Bob" Started 29/04/2018
6/05/2018 "Create and treat as �authoritative� source document the PVH weave guidebook onto miraheze wiki, and add Proposal to same" Dieudonne Done 10/05/2018 PreVH_Weave_Handbook Decision Making Proposal
6/05/2018 "Create ""Resolved Tasks"" tab on task tracker" Brent Done 6/05/2018
6/05/2018 Share wordpress backend access with Dieudonn� Julie 6/05/2018
6/05/2018 Post 5/13 meeting to calendar Brent Done 6/05/2018
6/05/2018 Bob sends contact info of web design friend to Julie. Bob Done 6/05/2018
6/05/2018 Put into Weave handbook def of this role �feedback receiver� 6/05/2018
6/05/2018 Copy action items from meeting notes to task tracker Done (recurring) 6/05/2018 RECURRING: After each meeting
6/05/2018 Create Running Agenda for PVH (in wiki I think? --brent) Uma 6/05/2018
?? Create wiki article for list of open items that we want to address
20/05/2018 "Review project/task management system (task tracker), consider Holaspirit / Glassfrog" Brent 27/05/2018
20/05/2018 Add login trough Facebook Google? nextend fb connect - nextend google connect
20/05/2018 Address inclusion on website
20/05/2018 How to add/support members without internet access / who do not want to join?
20/05/2018 GDPR - New European Law Brent Waiting 30/05/2018 asked Erik W if he's doing this
18/05/2018 "Julie talked with Bob's friend Jana about web design, need to get back to her with specifics" done
30/05/2018 post to Loomio to ask everyone to keep track of Status document for changes in Operating Principles (and advice on how to add to watch list in preferences?) Brent
30/05/2018 "put in Handbook an ""accountability"" for every member: track changes to Operating Principles and ensure that each are noncontroversial." Brent
24/06/2018 Create integrated Handbook proposal for how to change operational principles Brent https://www.loomio.org/d/txj6GZIY/governance-how-to-change-operating-principles
24/06/2018 Add my answers to the 3 questions on Restorative System page All https://nvc.miraheze.org/wiki/PreVH_Restorative_System

Test 2[edit | edit source]

Date Recorded Task Person(s) Status Target Completion Date Last Updated Notes More notes
2018-06-24 Add my answers to the 3 questions on Restorative System page All https://nvc.miraheze.org/wiki/PreVH_Restorative_System
2018-07-01 Add tasks from meeting minutes to task tracker Julie Done
2018-07-01 Move task tracker to MediaWiki Julie Paused Not easy to use! Discuss at next meeting
2018-07-01 Check if embedding MediaWiki in website looks OK Julie
2018-07-01 Ask Uma if we can move Contributor-related google docs to MediaWiki permanently Julie
2018-07-01 Also Email the Power Access Inclusion email address on the website, to ask them if they mind if we move to MediaWiki Julie
2018-07-01 Set up DD in dev site so he can test WPML, show DD what to do Julie
2018-07-01 Find out how to do the accent on Dieudonne! Julie, Brent
2018-07-01 Make meeting link in calendar clickable Brent
2018-07-01 Changing from Brent's zoom room to Bob's - add to agenda for next meeting Julie Done
2018-07-01 Julie to attend ImpC meetings as rep Julie
2018-07-01 Next meeting 1 hour earlier; put message on Loomio and change time on Google calendar Brent

Alternatives[edit | edit source]