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Dear Katherine and Board members,

We support the Board’s expansion and the desire of the Board to seek support for itself and for CNVC. We also have grave concerns about the timing and impacts of the way in which the Board is choosing to do this.

We ask, respectfully, that you pause your independent Board selection process, because:

  1. We are in the midst of a mediation/restorative process about the relationship between the implementation council and the Board;
    1. Mediation that has taken place between Jan Carel, Elkie Deadman and Jeyanthy Siva on 10 May 2018 and a follow up is planned for June;
    2. We are aiming for a conflict transformation process with the Board as a whole;
  2. Initiating Board selection before attempting conflict transformation precludes the possibility of the Board and Implementation Council collaborating on the selection, which is a key aspect of transition as previously agreed;
    1. Such a move would make it difficult for us to have trust that the Board members are truly open to the possibility of shifting through dialogue;
  3. No process or structures have been established that allow the Board to hear or know the impacts of its recent decisions on the wider network;
    1. Many more people than the Implementation Council are affected by your decisions, and it was only shared with them as of May 4 (by the letter the Implementation Council sent to the network).

We ask that you engage with us about a Board selection process and criteria that are mutually agreeable. This would align with the New Future Plan including the CNVC/NVC-O Transition plan which the Board participated in creating and signed off on.

Alternatively, we ask that if you want to change the agreement about Board selection that emerged from the New Future Process, you fully include Dominic Barter as a voting Board Member, in any discussion, meeting and/or decision-making regarding this possibility. This agreement with Dominic is a formal decision of the Board, recorded in the Board’s meeting minutes, March 3, 2015.

We remain committed to creating conditions that make dialogue with us possible, on acting and making decisions from a place of connection or openness to connection, and on increasing our collective capacity to see and hold all needs.

Without being in dialogue, we are not able to effectively hold and tend to all the needs at play. Please consider pausing independent Board selection and engaging with us.


Implementation Council