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Greetings, Dieudonné and team!

Thank you all for finding a way to meet this morning -

Here is the email that I promised that provides more info on:

a) different roles and ways to support Implementation related to translation and coordination amongst translators and different language groups globally

b) the 'immediate translation/interpretation needs' of the New Future Process

I hope it will provide enough clarity so that you can decide together about your next steps individually and as a team. Please discuss and respond to any questions or requests below and let me know if you have additional questions or input/suggestions.


Answers to Uma are shaped either one of these ways
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For April 13 Meeting[edit | edit source]

A. French Translation/Interpretation[edit | edit source]

By coming together now, you are potentially forming the beginnings of a French language Translation Weave!

A1. Purpose[edit | edit source]

I imagine the main activity of this group being the actual translation of documents and messages related to Implementation from English to French, and in some cases from French to English, and potentially also providing English-French interpretation during meetings.

A2. Roles[edit | edit source]

Some additional leadership functions within the group could be:

  • Someone(s) to be a contact person in closer communication with the ImpC team/ImpC Admin team about translation timing/progress/prioritization/workflow.** Please let me know who among you may fill this role immediately?
    • Dieudonné for the moment
  • Someone(s) (or a system that) coordinates the team of translators that may be available to work on documents - preferably in a way that allows self-coordination
  • Someone to engage additional translators/interpreters
  • Someone who can focus on orienting new participants to the internal systems the team creates, orient to the wiki, etc.
    • Loomio by default, and Dieudonné as backup
  • Someone to ensure that the learning of the team is capture - what are things that you do together that work well or and support the effectiveness/connection of the team? Or not?
    • Clarification needed about the meaning of this question, particularly « the learning of the team is capture »

**During the Feedback process - this was called ‘Translation Champion’, and Dieudonné served as both a Translation and Outreach Champion - thank you! I would be delighted if you continue in this role, Dieudonné, and also want to create space for you/the team to choose differently, choose additional back-ups, and also to honor entering a new phase. I also think the whole organization would benefit from your input to the Global Communication weave that has yet to form.

  • Dieudonné's answer : I hope some among the team will volunteer for theses roles : ) And at the same time, I hope the tools we choose (inspired by the FLOSS) like Loomio, MediaWiki, etc… will help us stay in the spirit of a shared responsibility/power.

These are only some preliminary thoughts. In the spirit of NVC-O being an evolutionary organization, the idea is that beginning work will clarify what else is needed, etc. There will also be a more general weave perhaps called a Global Communications weave that looks at the pattern of translation weaves, that will want to connect with you about your learning, troubleshoot about translations/communication between languages other than English, create ways for translation weaves to share best practices with each other, etc.

A3. Assembling the (or a new?) team[edit | edit source]

I want you to have access to the following people/emails. All have offered time to translate or to coordinate translation in French at some point in the past. I don’t know if they are still available or willing to participate, or what anyone’s language skills. As you deem necessary, please feel free to contact them or to put out a new call for participants through your networks.

  • Sophie Rousseau <>
  • "Mmaï Thaï " on FB (FB messaged her to please email <>, no response)
  • Mali Parke <>
  • Genevieve Keller <>
  • Yves Le Martret <>
  • Erica Yoon <>
  • Nathalie Tirard <>

  • Invitation to Loomio's Translation group sent by email this day to the 3 not yet part of it, including "Mmaï Thaï ". I can't use FB : thanks for thoses who can, to forward the invitation to "Mmaï Thaï ". A subject is initiated on the Loomio's Translation group to announce the current process, with a link to the present page. --Dieudo (talk) 15:03, 13 April 2017 (UTC)

A4. Wiki? Which wiki?[edit | edit source]

Dieudonné - do you imagine the French translation team will continue to use your wiki (as opposed to the CNVC wiki?) Could you please remind me of how to get English documents to you? (i.e. just send links or word docs, etc.)

  • What's most convenient for you Uma : )

I assume, for now, that all other language will use CNVC wiki. I recall you had shared one or two other wiki resources previously. Do you feel they are significantly better that we should try to re-orient all teams to one at this time? Is there anyway to ‘import’ the ‘learning’ that the current wiki has accrued?

Even if switching to a new system does not happen at this time, this will likely be considered by the Global Communications

A5. Key Terms List and Translators email list[edit | edit source]

As before, I believe that the Key Terms lists is still relevant for translation of forthcoming documents. I plan to give each team write-access to the Key Terms Google spreadsheet, so that if there is a term or word that in French, should be a key word, it can be added to the list. (It is very useful, I think for other languages to see these words also, in case they also need special consideration.)

I would also like to create an email list with one contact person from each language team. One of the uses could be to alert each other to changes to the Key Terms. Let me know who from this team?

  • When using a wiki page, anyone can choose to be automatically advised when the first change is made to the Key term list. If a discussion needs to be engaged about one of theses terms, then Loomio becomes more adapted.
  • So far we used this list : French Key Terms List, inspired from the Initial Key Terms List.

B. Immediate/Upcoming translation/interpretation needs[edit | edit source]

Election materials -

  1. As soon as materials related to ImpC Elections is finalized (the plan is to finalize them in the next 1-2 weeks), they will be the highest priority for translation. Is it possible for your team to be available (or find people who are available and ready) to translate materials intensively in April 20-30 range? The goal is to have election materials translated into multiple languages and released all at once - and our hope is that teams will be able to translate the materials inside a few days.
    1. This request is published here :
  2. In addition there will be live presentations about How To Participate - and we hope to have either subtitles in multiple languages to add to these video sources or interpreters available to do live interpretation and for that to be recorded. Dates of those presentations TBD, based on presenter/interpreter availability. Are there any ways you can imagine your team can prepare for this need?
    1. This request is published here :

C. Other documents and flows of information[edit | edit source]

After election materials there are number of documents that have been produced since the Feedback period ended in Nov 2016 (Uma will add links):

  • 1. Executive Summary and Actionable Decisions (a significantly shorter and distilled new version of the Integrated Plan).
  • 2. Report re: Feedback Phase
  • 3. Letters from CNVC Board (Jan 2), Joint letter (March 6)

And Since ImpC has started its work there is also a steady flow of the meeting documentation being produced.

  • 4. Website (ImpC page)
  • 5. Meeting notes OR Decisions document
  • 6. Announcements, News and Updates emails

Re: the above, I would love to discuss with you what you as a team feel would be most useful for the French-speaking community and why, and whether translating text is the best way to convey information or if in terms of outreach, it make more sense to put energy into reference documents only and then into presentations, etc. I believe that different communities will have different preferences or different ways that are effective for them. Do you have a sense of this in your networks?

D. Outreach[edit | edit source]

There is another large topic I would like to broach with you about outreach to the french-speaking community: to hear about the communities you are connected with, to hear whether you have been following the developments of NFP closely, whether there has been reaction/response to the simplified plan, etc.; how can we ensure connection with various networks, and how how to optimize information flow into French-communities globally, including in Africa and Asia, etc..

Request: If you are able in your meeting to share any updates that you know of regarding the above highlighted - please let me know? Please share here?

[I’m stopping the letter here as it’s about 2:30 am and I’m losing capacity to be clear and awake! - I wish you all a good meeting and look forward to your responses. To be continued… Uma]

D1. Spokescouncil/Network?[edit | edit source]

D2. Contact List - Directory of Networks[edit | edit source]

D3. Outreach weave and outreach partners/champions[edit | edit source]

E. Global Communications Weave[edit | edit source]