Proposal for becoming a member of the PreVH Weave

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Proposal for ‘induction’ into a Weave/the Pre-Virtual Home Weave at this point in time.


A) People fulfilling an advisory or supportive role and with no decision-making authority are welcome at meetings as observers and/or to connect/work with Weave members in any way that a Weave member experiences as supportive. It is preferred that they are Members of the Community and it is not a pre-requiste.

B) Becoming a member of the Weave:

  1. Become a member of the NVC-O Community.
  2. Observe meetings, become a note taker for the Weave, and/or take on the role of a co-creator working with a specific Weave Member. (A co-creator has no decision making authority. Draft role definition at the end of this document). During this phase the Community Member reads the Weave handbook. It is recommended that an observer observes a minimum of three meetings before proceeding further. This length of the co-creator role phase is decided in dialogue between the Weave member and the co-creator.
  3. If the Community Member(CM) is still enthusiastic to join the Weave they then read and sign up to the Feedback and the Conflict Transformation Systems of the Weave.
  4. They then join the Weave and start working actively with-in it as a ‘candidate Weave member’ with decision making authority. After a period of 6 weeks or four meetings (whichever comes first) feedback is exchanged in all directions.
  5. After this the Candidate Weave member either becomes a formal Weave Member OR the Weave Members make a concrete request following the feedback.


an example of a co-creator role description


The name of the role I am energising: Co-creator

Who am I? Name of the Community member energising the role

FOCUS: Name of Weave member who the co-creator is working with

The ‘PURPOSE’ this role expresses: (why the role exists and what it aims to achieve)

To support a Weave Member, in order to expand the bandwidth, creativity and progress of the Implementation Council

The ‘DOMAINS’ this role controls: (the role’s ‘property’ or ‘properties’ - something that the role has exclusive authority to control on behalf of the organisation, and which no other role ‘messes’ with)

The ACCOUNTABILITIES this role enacts: (on-going activities that the role has the ‘authority’ to perform and does perform and manage for the organisation. Please note: accountabilities are phrased beginning with the a verb ending in -ing. This makes it clear that they are on-going activities as opposed to ‘projects’.)

  • Any of the following or more, as arranged between Co-Creator and their partner ImpC member:
  • working closely with and supporting a Weave member
  • tracking the work, projects and actions of the Weave member
  • Completing actions requested by Weave member
  • working on projects assigned to the Weave member
  • Representing the Weave member at meetings in their absence

NOTE ON CO-CREATOR ROLE: (referring to systems in Holacracy)

Co-creator has no decision making authority. Empowered to say yes or no to actions requested during a tactical meeting. Empowered in Governance meeting to the extent decided by other Weave members present at that Governance meeting