PreVH Weave Handbook

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NVC-O Pre Virtual Home Weave Handbook

Weave Cluster: Support

Purpose / Scope / Schedule[edit | edit source]

Enter our weave’s purpose here.

To find out our guiding principles, current project status, and view or create feature requests, see the PreVH Development Status page.

Members[edit | edit source]

Name Email Time Zone
Brent Barker Email Brent US Central Time, UTC-5 (around July) or UTC-6 (around January)
Julie Lawrence Email Julie AEST, UTC+10
Dieudonné Dard Email Dieudonné France, UTC+2 (around July) or UTC+1 (around January)
Bob Wentworth Email Bob US Pacific Time, UTC-7 (around July) or UTC-8 (around January)
Uma Lo Email Uma

Process for Changing Membership[edit | edit source]

Proposal for becoming a member of the PreVH Weave

Decision-Making System[edit | edit source]

Proposal for Decision Making System

Conflict Transformation System[edit | edit source]

PreVH Restorative System

Other Weave Operational Agreements[edit | edit source]