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Vision, Purpose and Mission for this page

Inspired by Dominic Barter's work[1] (DB), we would like to build our own Restorative System (RS).

Take time together, to answer theses three questions. When conflict arises :

  1. what do we usually do that works?
  2. what do we usually do that doesn’t work?
  3. what do we dream of?

Another basic component : the five pre-condtions, when building a RS identified by DB (the text below is reported from notes taken in French during an April 2018 session in Bordeaux with DB, and can be improved by an audio recording made during it) :

  1. Our power to answer to this question : what do we consider to be restorative in our community?
  2. Our place where the restorative practice will be
  3. Our facilitators to support this practice
  4. Our way to inform others this system exists
  5. Our way to action this practice.

For the PreVH Weave


For the community

To be created by the community.


  1. His website : and the corresponding one in French :