Pre-registration for An Introduction to Restorative Circles, with Dominic Barter, Champaign-Urbana, August 12th 2017/en

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This is an introductory, interactive day of demonstration and experiential learning presenting the Restorative Circles approach to justice. Dominic Barter will present an overview of the key elements of a restorative system and the Circles they support. We will focus on the evolution and practice of the process, and its application to various types of conflict, ranging from family disagreements, group conflict, schools, workplace and social tensions, and criminal conduct. Through exploration of key concepts, grounded in a step-by-step process and illustrated by real world examples, participants will envision and practice ways of bringing it to their own communities and institutions.

After filling out this pre-registration a second form will arrive by email and describe how we will co-create the day, in ways that we hope create a sense of community and reduce excluding those without childcare or access to money.

To care for continuity in the group practices we'll be doing throughout the day, we ask all participants to commit to the whole day together. Before filling out your pre-registration please make sure you will be available from 10am to 6pm.


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(When we say Restorative Circles we're referring to the specific approach developed in Rio in the mid 90's, rather than using it to refer to circle practices in general)
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