Offering Feedback on Integrated Plan

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Offer Feedback on the Integrated Plan

At this stage, the Integrated Plan has been developed and awaits feedback from the NVC community. Feedback received before Nov 7, 2016 will be reviewed by the Integration Council . Feedback received after Nov 7 will be reviewed by the Implementation Council as it begins its work.

Links: Integrated Plan -  Information Sessions - Offering Feedback


  • Integrated Plan - Includes links to full plan, summary, and slide-show presentation
  • Information Sessions - Information on participating in video-conference information sessions concerning the Integrated Plan or listening to recordings of prior sessions.

After using the links above to read about the Integrated Plan and/or participate in one or more information sessions, please:

  • Offer your feedback (in French)  - Google Form for submitting your feedback about the Integrated Plan.

(Additional links will be posted here when feedback forms in other languages become available.

If you haven't seen it, you may want to read the letter requesting your feedback.