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SOURCE: CNVC New Future google group : Bob Wentworth's message 2017.05.22

HEADLINE: In thinking about selecting and training new Assessors, it seems important to keep in mind that this role will soon be replaced by a new role, within a new process.

Dear Assessors and Assessors-in-Training,

I want to check to see if there is a shared understanding that:

In a few years, the Certification program will be replaced by a Recognised Roles program, and the role of Assessor (in its current form) will not exist.

If Assessors are recruiting and training new Assessors, and people are doing the work to learn to become new Assessors, I hope that everyone involved understands the context in which this is happening.

The New Future Plan was ratified this past January. The Plan includes major decisions about the future of Certification. (See pp. 19-21 in the Actionable Decisions document, or the Recognised Roles chapter of the plan’s Supplementary Material.) In particular, the Certification program is to be replaced by a Recognised Roles program. The Recognised Role process does not use Assessors, though it does involve a somewhat similar role called an "NVC Integration Trustee.”

As I understand it, the role of NVC Integration Trustee will differ from the role of Assessor in a number of respects. In particular, NVC Integration Trustees will:

  1. Be selected by a Sociocratic election process within the new organisation.
  2. Support a community-based “Recognition” process. This process will likely have similarities to the current Certification process, but the structure within which the process happens will be quite different than the way certification has usually been done. And, there may be new criteria for what it takes to be Recognised, compared to what it has taken to be Certified.
  3. Receive training on issues of power/oppression (including the impact of their structural power and how it plays out in the process of recognition).

Note that a NVC Integration Trustee will need to learn some things (both process and content) that are not part of the current Assessor training. And, the selection process for who becomes a NVC Integration Trustee will be different than it has been for Assessors. Consequently, it seems likely that current Assessors will not automatically become NVC Integration Trustees.

It seems important that this be understood, as new Assessors are being trained.

Although the broad outlines of these changes are in the New Future Plan, the details will be decided by the New Future Implementation Council and those who collaborate with them.


Bob Wentworth