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Transitional Partners[edit | edit source]

  1. Elkie Deadman
  2. Roxy Manning
  3. Aimee Ryan
  4. Elin Searfoss
  5. Jeyanthy Siva

(Alphabetical by last name)

See also list of all current Transitional Partners on CNVC website

Transitional Partners-in-Training[edit | edit source]

Transitional Partners-in-Training can generally do the things that full Transitional Partners can do, but have not yet completed their Onboarding process.

  1. (none)

Contributors[edit | edit source]

Neither registered nor oriented[edit | edit source]

  1. Therese Bentley
  2. Eva Evenhöh
  3. Uma Lo
  4. Leonie Smith
  5. Bob Wentworth

[Need to add names of those on PP Curriculum and Recognised Role teams]

Registered, not oriented[edit | edit source]

Registered and oriented[edit | edit source]

(Alphabetical by last name)