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Dear colleagues across the world,

We celebrate having met in person in the Netherlands on the 10th of May and the joy and relief that comes with connection; we celebrate the skills we share and the power of those skills to build bridges across gaps of understanding; we celebrate the core of NVC and holding the intention to ‘walk our talk’, even we are tired and/or confused or in pain; we celebrate the care we all hold for CNVC, the New Future Process and the network as a whole.

We are extremely grateful to our Dutch colleague, Christiaan Zandt for holding the space for us and supporting us gently and in an atmosphere of ‘serious play’.

Outcomes of our meeting that we are also celebrating:

  1. We are scheduling another in person meeting at the end of June to address anything that may not be addressed in the next weeks through zoom and email.
  2. We are co-writing this letter to be shared to all lists.
  3. The specific requests for next steps which were were made by Jeyanthy and Elkie (Implementation Council) to Jan Carel (Board CNVC) at the end of the mediation. Jan Carel asked if these request’s could be sent in writing to the Board. Jeyanthy and Elkie were happy to do so.

We will keep you all posted! Please be patient… and please hold us all with care in this process. How might you do that? Our concrete request is :

Please ask yourselves before posting anything on any of the communication lists the following question: “Is this message contributing to connection, synergy and a coming together of all the colleagues working on our behalf?” If your answer is not a 100% YES we would ask you to W.A.I.T. and breathe before posting.

With many thanks and in full vulnerability,

Jeyanthy Siva, Jan Carel van Dorp and Elkie Deadman.

  • and in gratitude to Christiaan Zandt.