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Dear Raj, Cate, Katherine, Jan Carel and Danielle,

Following the in-person mediation with Jan Carel on May 10, Elkie and Jeyanthy left with renewed hope due to the experience of connection and beginnings of mutual understanding that was seeded there. As a team, the Implementation Council is also celebrating: the power of in-person connection; our collective NVC practices; each person’s willingness to engage thus far; and skillful support.

In light of the possibility of continued dialogue and connection with the Board as a whole, we are writing to you with the following request:

Would you be willing to reconsider and then publicly rescind the decision/intention to separate CNVC/NVC-O as announced in your April 25th letter while we pursue continued dialogue?

Through this dialogue we may be able to meet many needs that we imagine are shared between us:

  1. companionship and shared understanding, by creating a shared reality about what has and has not happened on a strategy level;
  2. synergy and momentum, potentially by bridging and integrating what we each are doing, increasing efficiency and multiplying our collective capacity;
  3. inspiration and trust, by ‘walking our talk’ as best we can -- to inspire and give hope to the network across the world that collaboration IS possible - even when it seems that it may not be;

We can do this as a team… connecting all of the above to fulfill the dream of a collaborative, unified and thriving international organisation and community; and if we cannot, how can we continue to share or teach NVC as a tool for connection and effective collaboration as so many of us do? Let’s walk our talk together.

With warmest wishes,

Elkie, Jeyanthy, Aimee, Roxy, Leonie, Uma

Endnote 1: Based on the May 10 mediation, the Implementation Council is supporting the following additional action steps:

  1. Co-drafting a letter with Jan Carel and mediator Christiaan Zandt to the network about initial outcomes of the May 10th mediation and next steps [Done]
  2. Scheduling an additional in-person mediation date and time.

Endnote 2: We have invited people working in support weaves and on behalf of CNVC/NVC-O, who are also stakeholders in a restorative process, to share notes with you about what is meaningful to them about our request. We will share these with you once we have them.