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Eva's message 2018.03.17[edit | edit source]

One action in the minutes was for Elkie, Bob and me to get together and write up something about the questions: target group, important feature, what we enjoy most.

Target Group: The virtual home will have five target groups.

• partners (members) of the organisation

* the organised nvc community

* beginning nvc practitioners looking for places to connect

* professionals looking for collaboration with us

* the general public

Of these, I suggest we restrict ourselves for the time being to the first two. Transitional partner and signed-in community members.

For important features and what we enjoy, I did a mini survey among the three of us plus Uma (who is technical support for the Implementation Council and created the google forms for community member and contributor sign-up). Here are the results (shortened by me) - and, Dieudonné and Julie, feel free to add your take on these issues.

  1. most important feature
  2. forum
  3. see other members’ profile, community weave profiles; to see the activity and purpose of organizational weaves
  4. a new face and space exclusive to NVC-O
  5. a mechanism to support communication with and among Contributors/Transitional Partners
  6. second most important feature
  7. newsletter
  8. images and video chances to interact
  9. everything for sign-up as community member or contributor in one place and easy to find and understand
  10. a website that is easily updated, by anyone authorized (certainly all Transitional Partners, and some Contributors), to share information with the public about the NF Plan
  11. what would be the most fun to have
  12. chatroom
  13. interactive world map of people, weaves, projects
  14. 24/7 video room
  15. A mechanism to support communication with, and connection among, Community Members. […]

I put the full answers in the Buddypress site in a document, just to try that out. This is the link:

But you can only access it after you signed up and joined the pre virtual home group.

Does this provide some more clarity of what might be directly ahead of us?