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This is where we record the reasons we chose to do things we the way we have, on

Sending email[edit | edit source]

Jackmail plugin[edit | edit source]

WHY? There's an issue with sending mail from Wordpress - you can only send 30-60 emails/hour, and it often ends up going to spam. To avoid this, people suggest to use SMTP, and that can be complex to set up. Instead, we used a plugin called Jackmail, which sets up SMTP for us, and email is sent via their mail server, for which we (I, JL) pay $5/month for up to 2000 emails/month. If we use up all 2000, email won't be sent, but we can pay for more.

"From Email Address": Jackmail will recommend to you that you use a domain-specific email address, eg However, that will probably end up in gmail spam filters, because it's a new email address, and doesn't have a "reputation" yet - argh!! So best to use your own email address, or something that already exists anyway.

Tracking: Jackmail offers to do tracking for you (eg tell you how many people opened the email, how many clicked on links etc), but it means that any links we put into our text get converted to some weird URL which then looks suspicious to recipients (and possibly to spam filters??). You can, however, turn tracking OFF.

phpList[edit | edit source]

phpList looks like a promising open source solution that we could (I'm guessing) install on Hostmonster, and use alongside Wordpress. There's some ideas about integrating with Wordpress here and here. Dieudonne saw something about being able to send 9000 email/month for $1.

BuddyPress plugin[edit | edit source]

We chose BuddyPress for its ability to create groups, which we thought would be useful for weaves to communicate amongst themselves, as well as with the public.

bbPress plugin[edit | edit source]

bbPress is forum software designed specifically to work with BuddyPress, thus reducing any potential integration issues. (JL TO DO: add stuff about whether it can (a) email updates to users, (b) have nested forums)

Kleo theme[edit | edit source]

Kleo is a paid theme (cost $49?, paid for by JL), because I couldn't find a free buddypress-compliant theme that would do what we wanted.